Sample Tour Schedules

Francourt Events will be hosting a series of supporter’s tours and events throughout the tournament under our World Rugby Memorial banner.

With so many people expecting to visit France in 2023 our unique brand will offer you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of those who took part in WW1 & 2.

Whether you want to learn more about previous generations of your family or find out about the rugby players of the past we have plenty to offer.

Tours starting in Paris or Lille combining history, culture, cuisine. For example, Paris/Normandy focusing on D-Day and beyond.  Paris/North-East visiting the Somme, Ypres, Chemin des Dames and Chateau Thierry. These tours are 5 days/ 4 nights.

Shorter 1 or 2 day options are available and country specific, or the VC’s & MC’s tour focusing on rugby heroes.  Examples, Paris/Marne/Aisne, Paris/Somme, Lille/Arras/Ypres

Special events include a ceremony on Saturday September 16th at the World Rugby Memorial in the heart of the Chemin des Dames battlefields near Laon in the Aisne Department.

Our annual Armistice International Youth Rugby Festival will take place in Compiegne between October 23rd to 28th and open to youth teams from the age groups Under 14 to Under 18

Further events will be announced for youth or adult teams as we build towards the Rugby World Cup 2023.

RWC23 Paris and Normandy Tour Video

RWC23 Paris & North East France Tour Video

RWC23 Invitation Video