Our Commitment

All risk assessments are conducted to meet the highest standards. In addition to this we provide regular updates according to the latest COVID safe guidance.

A member of our experienced team at Francourt Events will escort you throughout your visit.

We host our own events and festivals and offer a planning service to create bespoke events for your club, school or organisation.

Why is sport important to us?

Sport is good for the body and for the mind.  It helps you develop skills both mental and physical as an individual or in a team environment.

More importantly it should be fun and create long term friendships and memories.

At Francourt Events we believe in helping people develop.

Our sporting events will always offer you a challenge with options for training camps, competitive festivals or tailormade fixtures.

We offer the option to combine sport with education which enhances personal development and team bonding.

Rugby and Football are our primary sports for schools, clubs and associations and open to all ages.