Archive – Events and Testimonials

Below are some of the tours and events we have organised and managed in the past. Here are comments received to give you a taste of what to expect and what is possible:

“The balance of sport, education and remembrance brought it home to our boys just why we supported such a great initiative to commemorate the 1st Battle of the Somme. To think that some of our boys were the same age as those who served”
Clifton Rugby Club – Somme Rugby Festival 2016

“An honour for our Club to come out and be part of this event….”
Horsham RFC – Somme Rugby Festival 2016

“A very special tour for our U15’s in the Club’s 125th anniversary year. To play in Amiens and then visit Lochnagar and Thiepval to remember our players a century ago was incredible.”

 “What a great weekend coming out to France and Belgium to remember our players from WW1 and to play a commemorative game in Armentieres.  Emotional and fun in equal parts.”
Birkenhead Park RFC June 2017 – Amiens Tour 2017

“World Rugby Memorial weekend in Laon and the Chemin des Dames, the combination of the Ceremonies and Sport will live on with our boys, the connection was so strong and cannot be learnt in a classroom.  Proud to represent Lancashire”
Firwood Waterloo U16’s   Sept 2017

“I am now back in St Andrews reflecting on a wonderful ‘never to be forgotten’ trip.

To say that it was all brilliantly organised is really an understatement…I completely endorse what has been said in this regard and the thanks expressed.

What a privilege it was to represent our old school…to me the most moving part was our little Service at New Munich Trench British Cemetery and the laying of the wreath at the grave of Capt. Jude. There was not a dry eye to be seen and rightly so. The Piper made it even more moving.”
Peter Crabtree, Old Rossallians Tour member – June 2018

“Reflections on the O.R.Tour of World War I Battlefields. May 31st. – June 4th. 2018 … once our party had all arrived ….. I must say I had great admiration for:
(a) a most excellent Introductory ‘ Conversation’ with Rupert Wallace. (History, causes of WWI ), (b) the depth of knowledge of the Region, and Battles therein, as expressed by Peter Jones, (c) the successful organisation of the weekend’s activities by John Dennison and not least the on-going professionalism of David.

I feel exceedingly honoured and humble to have been a part of this thoroughly enjoyable and successful tour, with most delightful companions.”
Graeme Marrs, MBE, Old Rossallians Tour leader – June 2018

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything you all did to make our visit to Ypres so successful and enjoyable.  We have all been suffering with a bit of ‘post-trip blues’ but the talk at rehearsal this week was all about the weekend and what a fabulous time we all had.  We feel very privileged to have sung at the Last Post ceremony and to have visited the cemeteries earlier in the day meant that the significance of what we were doing could be viewed in context.

The whole group knows that we have been very lucky to have such an interesting and informative time, good meals and company, and the two singing events were an extraordinary experience.”
Rachel, Military Wives Choir, Ypres trip Sept 2018

Past events

VE75 Flame of Remembrance Rugby Festival
7 May 2021 - 9 May 2021 , Calais, Esquelbecq and Dunkerque, Calais

VE75 Lanterns Tour
1 May 2021 - 9 May 2021 , Twickenham to Calais, Twickenham

Cathédrale de Lumière
22 Feb 2020 , Amiens, Amiens

Pipes of Peace International Youth Rugby Festival
24 Oct 2019 - 27 Oct 2019 , Rugby Club Compiègnois, Compiègne

European Rugby Festival for Schools
12 Oct 2019 , St Georges School, Munchen

Run The Ramparts 10km Event, Laon, France
4 Oct 2019 - 6 Oct 2019 , Laon, Laon Aisne

Women's Champagne Sports Weekend, Laon, France
24 May 2019 - 27 May 2019 , Stade Levindrey, Laon Aisne
Champagne testing in Reims included

Veteran's Rugby Festival, Amiens, France
17 May 2019 - 19 May 2019 , Rugby Club Amiénois, Amiens
Vets Rugby Festival Amien France May 2019

Junior Rugby Festival, Laon, France
3 May 2019 - 6 May 2019 , Stade Levindrey, Laon
Junior Rugby Festival Laon France May 2019

Rugby Remembers The Armistice 1918 - 2018, France
8 Nov 2018 - 11 Nov 2018 , Compiègne, Compiègne

Run The Ramparts, 10km run, Laon, France
6 Oct 2018 , Laon, Laon Aisne

Chivenor Military Wives Choir, Ypres, Belgium
8 Sep 2018 , The Perron – Theater Hall, 8900 Ieper

Super 10's Rugby for Schools, Gent, Belgium
25 Oct 2017 , Gent, Belgium, Gent
Super 10s Junior Rugby Tour France

U16s and U18s Rugby Festival, Laon, France
16 Sep 2017 , Chemin des Dames, Laon
Junior rugby festival to celebrate Rugby Memorial to Rugby PLayers

U12 Football Festival for Schools, Vimy, France
10 Jun 2017 , Vimy, France, Vimy
Junior football tour to France